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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Weever fish alert!

We have heard from one of our correspondents in the south of the route.  Weever fish have been found in the Tidemills stretch of shore recently.  Lesser Weever fish hide in the sand in the shallows waiting to ambush their prey of smaller creatures.  The problem for us is that they have venomous spines and a triangular black dorsal fin which will inject poison into a foot that might step on it unawares.(Or other part of the body, perhaps into a hand that picks it up or detaches it from a fishing line.) The advice is to wear something on your feet when paddling or swimming in the Tidemills area.

I have found a very informative section on the British Sea Fishing website, if you would like further information. 

The lesser weever fish appears to be widespread in sandy beaches around the British coastline, as are jelly fish - some of which can also give a painful sting of course.

Do let us have information of other wildlife sightings along the sea shore!

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