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Tuesday 27 October 2015

Website route information changes

Our Website editor is away so here are some changes which it's been quicker to have posted here:
Currently there are two sets of information, - changes to details in route descriptions and the companion and also a warning about future rail improvement works on the Oxted to Uckfield Southern Railway Line.

Set 1
Route Descriptions

N-S Section 4, 4.3/4.4; S-N Section G, G(4.6/4.5)The links with the Wheatsheaf pub and Lingfield Station have been replaced by a new link to pubs in Dormansland and Dormans Station, fully described in the revised route instructions for these sections which are now available on the website.

N-S Section 4, 4.17d; S-N Section G, G(5.1a).  The Foresters Arms pub is now permanently closed.

N-S Section 5, 5.1 a; S-N Section F, F(5.2e).  The Foresters Arms pub is now permanently closed.  This section starts (N-S) or finishes (S-N) at the junction of B2110 Hartfield Road and Station Road.

N-S Section 7, 8.1a; S-N Section D, D(8.1) (link from Golden Cross pub).   The Golden Cross pub is now permanently closed.

N-S Section 8, 8.1; S-N Section C, C(8.1) (link to Golden Cross pub).  The Golden Cross pub is now permanently closed.

N-S Section 9, 9.9 a; S-N Section B, B(9.12e).  Alfriston Youth Hostel has closed.

Companion, Facilities List.

Marsh Green.  The Wheatsheaf pub has closed. 

Forest Row.  The Foresters Arms pub has closed.

Poundgate.  The phone number of the Crow & Gate pub is now 01892 603461.

Blackboys.  The Glade hostel has closed.

Golden Cross.  The Golden Cross Inn has closed.

Litlington.  Alfriston Youth Hostel has closed.

Set 2.
We would like to make walkers aware of issues coming up in November if they are planning to use trains.  If you scroll to the end of this post, you will find the link to the Southern Railway website.

Briefly walkers wishing to do any stage from Oxted to Uckfield during November, should note that, due to Network Rail lengthening platforms at stations along  this section and no doubt other engineering works, between Monday 2nd Nov and Friday 27th Nov, buses replace trains on most days except for the peak periods.  There are also some weekend closures from Oxted to East Grinstead during the same period.

All Mondays to Fridays between 09.20 and 16.40 the line will be closed between Hurst Green and Uckfield with rail replacement buses in operation.

In addition on Sunday 8th  there will be buses between Purley and Oxted for trains from Oxted on both Uckfeld and East Grinstead lines. On Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th the lines will be closed between Hurst Green and Uckfield and also East Grinstead.

There is also closures on the Sussex east coast line around the Lewes area which will affect any walkers using trains to do the Berwick/Newhaven sections.

Full and up-to-date information will be found on the Southern Railways website: