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Friday 5 February 2016

Route alterations - Newhaven Harbour railway footbridge closed

We have been notified that the footbridge used by the Vanguard Way near Newhaven Harbour station will be completely closed for around 2 months (from this week until the beginning of April).

New information, 25.03.2016
The contractor has now requested an extension to finish the work by Monday 4th April so the new Footbridge should be open on the 5th/6th April instead of the 2nd.
Please take note

The footbridge closure  necessitates quite a big diversion for those using the Vanguard Way.  Below is an annotated map of the area.  The red cross shows where the Vanguard Way is blocked.  The purple line shows the diversion.  Below the map are the altered route descriptions which will hopefully soon be signed by the local authority.

A)     Section 10

10.9    At Tide Mills turn right along paved track inland across railway and to end at car park and the A26.  Just before A26 turn left along shared use cycle/walking path some 5 metres away from A26. Follow for 200 metres and after the path bears left, another 40 metres, turn left along raised paved FP by seat and information board (faded).  After FP does sweeping left bend and just after post (Ouse Estuary Nature Reserve) turn left off paved path onto grass and follows along tree line on left to locate FP along raised bank. Follow this which bends right with warehouses on the left and a rough area over to the right. As warehouses end and path bends right, turn left down the slope by allotment sheds and over Footbridge into recreational ground. Keep along left hand edge pass metal container and out on to Norton Road by entrance to Bevan Funnell Works. Where Norton Road meets Beach Road, cross over along Transit Road and follow to the end and Newhaven Harbour Station.

Section A

A a) to e)   From Newhaven Harbour station TL at small gate before station footbridge and follow Transit Road to end and where it meets Beach Road cross over into Norton Road. Follow to the end and bear left into recreational ground just before entrance to Bevan Funnell Works. Turn right along the field and go over a footbridge over stream, pass allotment sheds and up slope onto raised bank. Turn right along path and follow until reaching open area and post (Ouse Estuary Nature Reserve). Turn right along paved FP until it joins a shared use paved track by seat and information board (faded). Turn right and follow for 240 metres along side the A26 (some 5 metres away but slightly lower) until reaching car park and paved track. Turn right along track to pass across railway at two gates and onto Tide Mills.  At cross path junction turn left to rejoin the VGW towards Seaford.    

We hope to provide further detailed information in due course and it will be incorporated into the main Vanguard Way website as soon as possible.

Our main website has now been fully updated with this information including the council notification.

Reminder as of 25.03.2016
The contractor has now requested an extension to finish the work by Monday 4th April so the new Footbridge should be open on the 5th/6th April instead of the 2nd.