The Vanguard Way Blog has been started to complement the Vanguard Way official website: The Vanguard Way is a 66 mile, long distance footpath between East Croydon (South London) and the South Coast port of Newhaven.
Primarily we hope to record interesting sightings along the Vanguard Way with an emphasis on flora and fauna and other 'natural' phenomena. To offer a contribution, please email We will be interested to receive details of what has been sighted, where and when, together with a photo if available.

Sunday 2 August 2020

June 2020
Thanks to everyone who sends us information about the Way. Neil reported concerns about Gardiner Business Park and the closed barrier, and he also alerted us to holly overgrowth with interesting ways to manoeuvre round it. We could apply these ideas to other obstacles!
Thanks to Fay about her information abut the styles in section 4.
Julian contacted us about the Wealdon Round Walk (to be found the ramblers website) from a booklet he had found which mentioned The Vanguard Way as well as The Sussex Border Path and the Greensand Way

July 2020
More information from other walkers. Chris told us that in Section 4 the Wet Wood is part of Hammerswood near the Scout Camp and thanks to John for all his information about potential problems and suggestions about possible improvements to the route.
Thanks to Keith who was at the southern end of the Vanguard Way and reported construction near Newhaven East pier is affecting this part of the route. The Vanguards will be contacting various groups about support they can offer.
Planned changes to the Vanguard Way in Croydon have been delayed. We recognise that we need new signage on parts of the way and new posts will be installed around the Kent & Surrey Golf Club later in the year. We hope other waymark posts will be installed  later.


Cleared under growth thanks to John                                                                             Alison crossed the Greenwich Meridian Line

Congratulations to Barbara and Richard, Fiona and partner (at a great speed in 3.5 days), Alison with lovely photos of her crossing the Meridian Line, Christof and friends, John and last but not least Adrian for the successful completions of The Vanguard Way

Good wishes to Kevin on his planned walk of The Vanguard Way